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Preschool Field Trip
Preschool  Blowing Bubbles
Preschool Kids Finger Painting

THank you

Farewell Open house
Sunday, June 12th 12pm

Please join us as we celebrate
40 years of Creative Caring

come and browse old photo, chat,
see friends, eat, drink and be merry!
Last Day of School 
Friday, June 10th

After 40 years CHILDREN'S CREATIVE WORKSHOP(CCW) is shutting its doors. After an exhausted search and plea to the SMMUSD school district for a space to rent CCW was not able to secure a viable location in our area, we have decided to close our doors, and move on to other ways to help children learn through music, art and science. 


Started in 1982, was a non-profit private preschool located on in Malibu at the Point Dume Marine Science Campus then later at the Juan Cabrillo Campus that is set for Demolition in June of 2022 to make way for a new Malibu High School. 


 CCW was based on the belief that children love to learn in a dynamic, and creative environment. Our curriculum is built on science, providing a fun and creative path to many topics, including marine life, local wildlife, ecology, Chumash local history, geology, the 7 continents, solar system and so much more. Through play, academic and art time, the children thrive and nourish their natural curiosity and desire to learn. 

We are actively planning a new chapter of bring Children's Creative Workshop curriculum & programs in

an alternative format!

Please stay connected with us. 

To contact us please email Shari Latta at 

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